A Holistic Approach​ ​to Tree Care​

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RRS Plant Health Care: Our Story

  • RRS Plant Health Care takes a "Holistic" approach the tree and plant care. In medicine, Holistic means to treat the whole person in all aspects of well-being. 
  • RRS Plant Health Care takes the same approach to tree and plant care. We endeavor to apply "cultural practices" of Plant and Tree care first.
  • RRS Plant Health Care  treats from the "ground up" diagnosing tree and plant issues. 
  • RRS Plant Health Care analyzes your soil, irrigation, pest and disease issues can can take its toll on your "living investments" ... your plants and trees!

Arborist Consultation

Gary D Huff: Owner

Certified Arborist WE-10074A.

PDM Business License: 9261

ROC Landscape and Irrigation: ROC 239804

Gary has been associated with the Landscape Industry for over 30 years.

Gary can diagnose your tree and plant issues and provide cultural solutions.

Some plants and trees may need pesticide applications and RRS Plant Health Care has the Professional Licensed Applicators to handle these situations.