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BIOFEED BIOFERTILIZERS are a super-concentrated soil & plant additive that is rich with BIOFEED BIOFERTILIZERS exclusive ACT® that delivers a powerful combination of nutrients which work to strengthen plant growth and promotes aerobic microbial activity below ground.

RRS Plant Health Care proudly uses BIOFEED BIOFERTILIZERS in our Liquid Soil Injection programs to produce superior quality soil, turf grass, trees, plants, and flowers that are more resistant to environmental pressures and disease.

RRS Plant Health Care installs BIOFEEDER Fertilizer Injection Systems. Nourish your landscape through your irrigation system!

Benefits of Use

  • Softens and builds crumb structure in the soil as it enhances aerobic soil microbes
  • Releases oxygen into the soil to promote aerobic biological activity, helping the soil to breathe
  • Optimizes root growth
  • Improves water penetration and retention in the soil by allowing minerals to become soluble and enhance water infiltration
  • Releases nutrients in the soil
  • Decreases toxic salt levels in the soil by buffering harmful salts and gently protecting soil pH
  • Improves drought tolerance, disease resistance, and plant cell division, resulting in greener plants
  • Enhances seed germination

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RRS Plant Health Care installs BioFeeder Fertilizer Injection Systems.

This unit is attached to your irrigation system and micro feeds your plants and trees with BIOFEED BIOFERTILIZERS. 

​Unlike other injection systems, the BIOFEEDER system will not burn your plants or trees or cause "flush" growth on your landscape plants. 

BIOFEED products are soil enhancers meaning that they add organic enzymes, sugars and acids to the soils. This creates a healthy soil environment. Good bacteria and fungi thrive allowing the trees to develop a good root system.

So... Why drag heavy bags of fertilizer when you can feed your entire landscape through your irrigation system?

BIOFEEDER S-SERIES: (Larger units available on request) 

     S-2: 2 Gallon Unit

     S-5: 5 Gallon Unit