A Holistic Approach​ ​to Tree Care​


Q:  How much water do my plants and trees need?

A:   A perplexing question indeed! This heat causes real stress for non-native plants. Studies have shown that photosynthesis stops between 90°- 95° in non-native plants which means that on these incredibly hot days, those plants may not be able to produce any new sugars.


Water your trees  DEEPLY...  meaning that you get water deep into the root zone. Then you can water infrequently.

Shallow watering creates a layer of sodium around the root zone causing plant stress.

If your irrigation system has trees and shrubs on the same valve, see what it would take to separate them.

If its not in your budget, buy a soaker hose at a local hardware store. Attach to garden hose and set out in the evening and let your trees soak!