A Holistic Approach​ ​to Tree Care​


Q:  How much water do my plants and trees need?

A:   A perplexing question indeed! This heat causes real stress for non-native plants. Studies have shown that photosynthesis stops between 90°- 95° in non-native plants which means that on these incredibly hot days, those plants may not be able to produce any new sugars. After a long stretch of hot weather, these plants use up their stored sugars and starches and begin to shut down and get rid of non-productive leaves. Under these conditions, the plants are starving, hot and using all their energy to try to stay cool by evaporating water from the remaining leaves. The total amount of damage caused by the extreme heat may not be evident until weeks or even months after it has happened. I saw it year before last in the fall after we had a string of very hot days that summer many of the trees I care for died, others took well into the next spring to look healthy again. Be aware and watch for trees that have been stressed and make sure they have adequate water (but that they are not over-watered either).