A Holistic Approach​ ​to Tree Care​

A Holistic Approac​h to Tree Care


RRS Plant and Health Care Services

Arborist Consultation / Liquid Soil Injection / Weed Abatement/ Irrigation Analysis

Arborist Consultation

Gary D Huff: Owner

Certified Arborist WE-10074A.

PDM Business License: 9261

ROC Landscape and Irrigation: ROC 239804

Gary has been associated with the Landscape Industry for over 30 years.

Gary can diagnose your tree and plant issues and provide cultural solutions.

Some plants and trees may need pesticide applications and RRS Plant Health Care has the Professional Licensed Applicators to handle these situations.

Liquid Soil Injection

Tree fertilization is vital for maintaining the beauty and health of your landscape.  In urban or suburban environments, nutrient deficiencies are a danger to the health of your trees.  This coupled with stress from compacted soils, drought and root space infringement causes health problems. Highly recommended by the ISA Certification Handbook for Arborists is the hydraulic injection of organic nutrients into the soil. 

RRS Plant Health Care formulations have the advantage of administering nutrients directly to the root system and uptake is immediate due to its liquid form.

If systemic pesticides are needed in the formulation, they can be added and they too are carried into the tree through the root system. This eliminates the "over spray" from Foliar Applications as well as the demise of beneficial insects from Foliar Spraying.

RRS Plant Health Care uses BIOFEED BIOFERTILIZERS in their custom soil injection formulations.

BIOFEED is not just a fertilizer, it is a "soil enhancer".

It contains Organic Acids, Organic enzymes and other formulations to build and enhance our soils.


Got Weeds? RRS Landscape Solutions provides Weed Control Programs

Pre-Emergent Applications: Pesticide applied to stop weeds from germination. Applications should be applied every 6 months for optimum weed control

Do you have native grass areas but want to get rid of the obnoxious weeds (Tumbleweed, goat head,  puncture vine etc.)? 

RRS can do it! 

Post Herbicide Applications: Treating existing weeds with an Herbicide.


Pest Control Business License: 9261

Irrigation Analysis

Due to the warming trend in the Southwest, our plants and trees are being seriously affected. Irrigation systems that were once adequate are no longer giving our plants and trees the water they require.

Have you upgraded your irrigation system to provide enough water for you plants and trees?

Did you know your trees need water throughout the winter months provided we do not get any measurable precipitation?

Are you watering deeply but less frequently for your landscape plants and trees?

 RRS Landscape Solutions is a licensed landscape contractor able to renovate your irrigation systems to provide adequate water for your plants and trees.


Weed Abatement

What are Pre-Emergent Herbicides?

  • These are herbicides that when the weed seed germinates, it terminates its growth in the seedling stage.
  • These will last in the soil for about 6 months and best applied before rain or snow falls.
  • Do you have native grass areas but want to control the "obnoxious weeds"? RRS can selectively treat and remove the weeds you want to remove.
How effective are Pre-Emergents?  
  • Nothing is 100%. They are not able to stop weeds that have active root systems in the soil but not showing above soil. Nor do pre-emergents stop all weeds.
  • Native soil applications are difficult because the soil and organic matter prevent pre-emergents from working effectively
  • Yet... Repeated applications have proven to produce the desired results
Will it harm my Children or Pets?

  • We recommend that pets or children do not walk on the treated areas until its dry. (Approx. 2Hrs)

What are Post-Herbicides?

  • Post Herbicides kill existing weeds that have sprouted and matured.
  • HATE MONSANTO?? RRS uses non-Monsanto products

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ASH YELLOWS: Disease affecting our Ash trees. 

Symptoms: Dead limbs, sparse and yellowing foliage. Extreme cases show the tree only partially leafing out in spring and stunted leaf growth.

CURE: NONE except good cultural practices. Irrigation analysis is important due to our climate changes. Liquid Soil Injections to treat the soil with beneficial organisms, encourage root growth and healthy soil.

Why are my Leyland Cypress dying? 

Seiridium Canker: This disease affects  in N AZ. SYMPTOMS: Branches or crown starts to die and eventually spreads throughout the entire tree.

CURE: NONE except good cultural practices. RRS will perform Irrigation analysis is important due to our climate changes. RRS  will perform Liquid Soil Injections to treat the soil with beneficial organisms, encourage root growth and healthy soil.

Pinion Pine Scale: is a tiny insect that can do tremendous damage to Pinion Pines if not treated.

Symptoms: Yellowing needles and stunted growth.

CURE: NONE but it can be controlled with good cultural practices. Pinions are a native tree but with our changing climate they may become a tree of the past in Northern AZ.  DEEP occasional Watering during the hot, dry months. Use soaker hoses for DEEP watering. RRS will treat Pinions with systemic pesticide to ward of scale.


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What our customers are saying

Gary has saved our landscape! We moved here 2 years ago from California and did not know how to deal with our landscape. RRS with their Liquid Soil Injection for trees and plants has turned our yard into a PARADISE!

John Eddinger 2/26/18